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The Process of Commissioning a Painting

Commissioning a painting is an easy process. I very much enjoy working with my clients from the initial request to watching the painting progress. It's always a delight to see the final painting in situ.

The following explains how the commission process works, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Pet dog painting portrait commission of Ruby, a Cavalier King Charles by artist Karen Neal

Step 1 - Choosing your Medium & Size of Your Painting

There are three options when commissioning a painting:
* Oil Painting
* Pastel
* Pastel Sketch

Please see the Pet Portrait page for more information regarding the difference between these mediums.

Your choice may depend on your preference and/or budget. Please see the prices page for the different mediums and size options.
If you need help choosing between the mediums, feel free to contact me.

Step 2 - Initial Contact

Once you have decided which medium and size pf painting you would prefer, contact me so that we can discuss your requirements. I operate with a waiting list, I will be able to advise you what work I have in progress and when your work would be completed.

Step 3 - Place a Deposit

To secure your place on the waiting list, a 25% deposit is required. I work on a first come first served basis, so my client list is in order of bookings taken. An invoice is emailed to you. There are two payment options:

* Online bank transfer - this can be used within New Zealand and doesn't incur fees.
* PayPal payment can be made using PayPal if you would like to pay via credit card, or make a payment internationally. Credit card information is NOT sent, I simply send you a PayPal money request (you don't need to register to PayPal for this). PayPal does incur an extra fee of 3.9%.

Photographing petsStep 4 - Choosing your Photographs

I use photographs for most of my work. Once you have commissioned the painting you will need to select a photo that best reflects the subject. Photographs need to be very clear for me to paint from, and the better quality the photograph, the more detailing I can see for your painting. Choosing photographs can be the tricky part but I am more than happy to review the photos and discuss this with you. You are welcome to email several photographs, as I feel this gives me a little more insight into the character of your pet, when I'm not able to meet them in person.

If you are within Marlborough I am happy to come and take photos for you.

Please see "Photographing Your Pets" for tips on how best to take photographs for a painting.

Step 5 - Photoshop Mockup

I will design a Photoshop mock-up of the composition and colour of your painting at actual size. This will be based on your chosen photograph. Here is an example of a Photoshop mockup of "Al" the part-Greyhound, with a greeny background colour and his chain taken off. This enables you to visualise what the painting will look like at the chosen size.

Step 6 - Painting Progress

Once I start your painting, I will keep in touch via email to share the progress with you. It is fun to see the painting evolve and I enjoy sharing with my clients, of course it also provides an opportunity to discuss any changes or tweaks required with the painting.

Step 7 - Final Payment

Once the painting has been completed, I will send a final invoice for the remaining balance.

Step 8 - Packaging

On receipt of final payment I arrange for the painting to be packaged. Pastel paintings are sent flat-packed and ready to take to your framer (see photos below).
Oil paintings are varnished with a "retouch varnish" and securely packaged ready for delivery within NZ or internationally.

Step 9 - Delivery of the Artwork

Paintings are sent within New Zealand via Fastway Couriers, the cost of the courier is included in your painting.
International commissions will be need quoted and arranged, depending on size and weight of your painting.

Step 10 - Photos of Paintings

Once the painting has been received by the recipient I post the painting on my website and my Facebook art page (unless you would prefer not to have your painting posted online). I always enjoy seeing photos of the paintings in situ, particularly with the subject, and receiving testimonials from my happy clients.

Packaging Example

Some photos of a commissioned pastel painting being flat packed ready to send to Australia...

The pastel paintings are covered with a protective glassine cover and securely placed within a black foam core folder.

This is a nice way to present your painting if unframed. It is flat packed, ready to take to the framer. If the pastel painting is kept flat, this eliminates any damage to the pastel surface before being framed.

Promotional material and a letter of delivery provides you with some tips on framing pastel artwork and the ongoing care of a pastel painting.

This painting is packed between two thinline MDF boards for support, and a waterproof sealed bag. This makes it virtually indestructible.


Ready to go...

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